Photo round-up from last week

This last week I’ve been very busy at work as there are a lot of things I can be getting on with, config changes to make, and new systems to deploy, etc. whilst the majority of staff are out. I have been busy deploying a new district office DHCP server and pair of district-wide DNS servers also handling recursion from the X-serves out in sites. I have some layer 3 routing changes to implement tomorrow with AT&T to hopefully finally get SAN replication between our disaster recovery site and district office.

I did head out to Pinky’s Park on Tuesday to watch a little softball:


Four night’s a week there’s a fairly informal league for teams to play in which was good fun:

Softball fielding

Wednesday night I then took a ride down to the river to check out the boats moving in + out from people fishing. The last week or two there has been a good run of salmon, with fish drying all over town outside houses:

Drying fish

I also met a cool old local called Joseph that I watched repairing his salmon nets with the traditional tools:


He let me hang around a good 10 minutes or so watching and making some photographs, with one his dogs also keeping watch on the proceedings in case anything good happened:

Repairing nets

On Friday, Jeff had Dennis and I round for a roast dinner. I got to play with my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens which I have fallen in love with! This is Dennis playing barman and making sure not a drop of tequila was spilled:


And then the chef himself taking a break after dinner to drink + chat:


I submitted a few photos in to the Tundra Drums after they got in touch asking for some possible photos to run in next week’s edition. Hopefully they like some of them and they get printed. Large sized photos of these ones here are on my flickr account.


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