Dog sitting round-up

This has been another busy week at work, with a couple of nights doing a remote server gig down in Wyoming as an outside project, as well as a late night Tuesday working with our VMware consultant. Starting to see the end of that project, once we work around yet another networking snag. I did finally get my VMware Certified Professional certification in the mail yesterday after passing the exam at the of January though, so that was pretty cool.

Dog sitting has not been particularly easy at times either, even Nikko is starting to tire of the little monster that is Suka. This Nikko earlier today whilst Suka was distracted elsewhere:


And the other monster trying to big scary guard dog at the window as a plastic bag blows by:


This past week I also got cell phone through GCI. When I figured out I can pay the same amount per month for a cell phone with 800 anytime minutes plus unlimited evening and weekends as I do for a fixed landline, it made more sense to switch, especially given how little I actually use my landline as I’m usually out elsewhere anyways. Feels a little weird having a cellphone again and be sending text messages, just sucks to not have data service out here for mobile internet or MMS. As with everything out here, it will slowly arrive, and service/quality has been better than expected actually. Just need to get an iPhone working now…


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