Camp Harris

I’m now camped out at Jeff + Angel’s dog sitting Niko and Suka for the next week 🙂 Is a nice little change, though was weird driving them up to the airport and then coming back myself and dealing with the joys of AC store parking lot! Never imagined I’d be driving round Bethel. Still, there were a few little errands I was wanting to get done in the next few days, so will be a help having a car to use.

The last couple of weeks have slowly been easing up at work with the bulk of the teachers and associated staff winding down. I am feeling kinda like a lost puppy with so many of my play buddies gone though now! I have the last of the VMware SAN replication to do this week with a consultant on-site Tuesday + Wednesday to move our second Equallogic unit off site. I already moved an ESX host to our off site location which works nicely given we have a 100Mb fiber line out there too.

I have a couple of website projects lined up, and a few photography projects to think about over the summer. Nice to have contacts now 😉 Some of those could turn out to be quite fun and a good experience. I scanned in 4 rolls of 35mm film the last couple of days too which gives me plenty of post-production work to do this week whilst hanging out here with the dogs. There’s a right mix of photos from the last few months, so will post some when I’m happy with the results.


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