Bethel floodings photos in Tundra Drums

This was a long week, and an especially long Friday since we had the end of year barbecue potluck at lunchtime but then TAI didn’t get to skip out early. But, going to check my mail I picked up a copy of the Tundra Drums and recognized a certain photograph on the front page:

Tundra Drums cover

Very, very cool! I wasn’t expecting to get a front page photo published 😀 Really cheered me up. I got home, left if for a while, then actually sat down to read the paper, and then flipped open a two-page feature like page 6 which had another 4 of my photos, one whole page just of mine:

Inside spread 1

And the second page had one of mine in the bottom right too. Cool State of Alaska provided photo of the guy wading through with a kid on his back from a Yukon village:

Inside spread 2

Overall, a pretty cool issue! Very happy to have so many photos printed, think it’s actually all 5 that I submitted to them. Am quite proud to have so many published, and especially since they all look like they should be there too! I pretty much set out that night to make a certain set of photographs after Beth suggested what to look for with regards to what would work well in a photo feature, and managed to pull if off better than I hoped for.

To make things even sweeter, ’tis a 3-day weekend!


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