Boat ride to Oscarville

Last night, Erin started moving her gear up to Bethel for the summer. Since I have a spare room going to waste, I’m generously donating storage space rather than her paying for a crappy storage unit where everything will likely get water damaged. The lure of free pizza in return in no way swayed me. Much. Anyways, I then jumped in the boat for the second run of boxes. Was certainly a little different to a month ago or so when we drove down the river in a Suburban:


After loading up the boat with more boxes and playing around with the kids in the sunshine for a little, we then pushed out and headed back out along the slough:

Leaving Oscarville

We made the most of the sunshine and blue skies, as by the time we got back to Bethel it was starting to rain. Thankfully we got the boat unloaded and then back out the truck in my house before it got too heavy. This was mid way up the Kuskokwim to Bethel:

On the river

Captain Macy decided to take the helm for a while too (though Erin was still at the wheel…):


Really is one spoilt puppy 😉

Was a fun evening though, nice to get out on a boat down the river for a little bit. The pizza + beer when we got back was a nice way to round off the night too!


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