Need sleep…

I haven’t exactly had a quiet week or so. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m lying out on the couch with the sun streaming through the window and loving it. This is the first time in 10 days I’ve just been able to slow down and rest.

Last Thursday I headed out for drinks with a friend which became early morning walking home with the sun still up. That was just weird. Friday night we then celebrated Jamie being crowned intercontinental teacher of the year (well, teacher of the year at ME, but Jeff + I didn’t think that sounded quite as grand), that rolled on til gone 2a.m. Normally, such a finishing time would be respectable, however when you are then woken up less than hour in to bed by firefighters coming in your house and up the stairs telling you to get out, it does not bode well. My neighbour had a small fire in the chimney flue which was cause for concern with smouldering roof timbers, and my side of the duplex being the only way way in to the attic. Cue fire hoses dragged up the stairs, through my bedroom, and getting to sit in a fire truck and look at the purty buttons and dials. At 4a.m after drinking a tad, this was the best I could figure with the camera:

Fire truck

I finally got back in the house around 5a.m, but then had to be up at 7a.m to get out to the airport to head to Anchorage for the weekend. When you’re boarding the plane and the stewardness says “don’t worry, sir, there’ll be coffee shortly” you know you look rough 🙂 So, I made a sensible choice of not renting a car and called Beth for a ride. I spent the day with her and Loren before heading out for a meal at Orso and some drinks, before the draw of Chuck E Cheese won us over and we went to play skeeball. Quite surreal, but incredibly good fun. I won a bunch of coupons so traded them in for activity books and stickers which the guys in the office didn’t seem impressed with…

After poker til 3a.m which gave me a few of those green beer vouchers, Sunday was a lazy day with shopping, a barbecue with Beth + Loren’s friends, then off to the hockey game to see the Aces play in the conference final (which they ended up taking 4-0 a couple of days ago and now go to the Kelly Cup!). Tim Miller and a friend met up with us, and was a great game with plenty of fights. More poker ensued until the early hours of Monday morning, and then a quick medical appointment on Monday before heading back to Bethel. Where I needed a canoe to get home:


There was a waist-deep water down 6th avenue which was bizarre, especially since it ended up all clearing away within a couple of days. But, was fun whilst it lasted. Got some awesome photos too, some of which I’m hoping get printed in the Tundra Drums, such as Katrina Dominic rescuing Spencer:

Katrina Dominic rescuing Spencer

I spent Monday night at a friends to let the water recede a little, then Tuesday evening went out canoeing around the slough with Sarah which was good fun. Figured since I could just about walk home with water boots on, was a good sign. Wednesday all hell broke seemed to break loose, but stayed remarkably together. I had a lot of stuff hit me at once I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with, but getting out the office with Dennis for lunch helped diffuse things to the point I can smile about it now. Opened my eyes up a lot and made me appreciate those I have around me. Feel like I’ve become a lot closer to some people as result of the trust and friendship they’ve shown.

Thursday night brought guy’s night at Ted B’s, so I snagged a ride to ACE to pick up a couple of cases of IPA to donate and save on a cab ride! It was a good warm up for last night, since my house was picked to host happy hour, which was really good. Was so nice to be able to have all my best friends round, plowing through case after case of beer, and munching on pizza. We also found the buzzer on the dryer, when bumped in to, is a perfect signal for everyone to take a drink! I also managed to get Bethany and Brent to don a Sunderland shirt to start the Bethel branch of the the Sunderland AFC Supporters Association. Honestly, I don’t think they had a clue what they were wearing:


Outside, a highschool graduation was quietly going on (seriously, they were all very well behaved) with a bonfire as the focal point. By 1.30a.m, we were like moths to a light bulb and being drawn in. For what it’s worth, wearing a cap on backwards does not let you blend in. Even as the youngest of our mob, I felt old! But, we had a good few minutes hanging out before deciding we needed another drink and some snacks and retreated back home.

By 3a.m I made it to bed, and then got to deal with the clear-up this morning, generally involving an insane amount of empty bottles + cans! Good times though. Thinking a barbecue is in order next weekend. Anyways, my plan is to leave the house as little as possible this weekend and spend as much time on the couch as I can.


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