Rabbit food…

Erin, a friend down in Oscarville, hadn’t canceled her Full Circle Farm auto-order which left a box of organic vegetables here in Bethel whilst she was stuck downriver (literally, they’re cut off for a while until the river figures out what to do…). As I was checking an apartment out for her (which turned out great and she took it for next year), I got to snag the veggie box. Me being such a huge veggie fan, I now have to figure out what on earth to do with asparagus, leeks and mangos. By the process of elimination, I at least figured out what the baby bok choy was/is, but again, not what to do with it/them. Er, yeah. Anyways, was nice having fresh tomatoes and lettuce with dinner 🙂 I’d actually been thinking of signing up for the small box every two weeks as the produce at AC or Swanson’s isn’t usually all that hot, and I am becoming a bit more adventurous with my food choices. I even look up recipes online from time to time. If I can figure out how to make the most of all this produce, may well go for it myself.


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