A busy weekend in photos

Friday evening I’d procrastinated too much to arrange a house warming party, but still had a few people round anyways. Was something quite bizarre but strangely relaxing about standing out on the deck with Jeff wearing shorts + t-shirts, slippers, and sipping scotch from a plastic tumbler whilst smoking a cigar Dennis brought back up from the Dominican Republic. Good times though, if only for being able to stand outside in shorts + t-shirts before the bugs arrive!

Yesterday was just beautiful weather (well, for May 2nd in Bethel!) at 60F, so I decided to walk up to Suzi’s house for the K300 volunteers party so I could play with my new camera. Those unacquainted with Bethel will not realize the hike it is out past Larson Sub! Starting out, the river itself is still pretty frozen solid, with a little standing water seemingly flowing on top of the ice on the far bank:

Big sky

Elsewhere in town, fire truck #1 was outside the fire station in the sunshine:

Fire truck

The visitor center and museum for the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge was also enjoying the warmer weather and big, blue skies:

Wildlife refuge

Coming up on Larson sub, which is way the heck out of town, you got a good overview on how spread out in general Bethel is. This small size doesn’t show the detail, but pretty much everything along the horizon is houses, stretching from Tundra Ridge on the left through the center of town and out to Blueberry on the right:

Bethel overview

On the final climb up to Suzi’s, I came across a stack of abandoned vehicles. This is definitely tripod territory for some HDR shots in the future!

School bus

So, I decided I hate the Tokina 12-24mm F4 DX lens 😉 It’s fantastic – I love how crisp the photos stay, even handheld at 12mm. This is certainly a lens that will deliver some awesome results with the Manfrotto triopd + ballhead!

The K300 volunteers party was thrown to thank all those that helped put on the K300 races, and the great weather meant everyone was enjoying themselves lying around in the sun. A huge sled packed with snow and beer helped, as did the big grill! Games, music and dancing rounded things off. I’m not one to post photos of random people on here, the K300 site can carry those, but Suzi did steal my camera (that’s trust right there!) and grab some photos worth sharing, first of me and Casie:

Iain and Casie

The Sunderland shirt was down to the fact no-one would realize how well we’ve been playing lately 🙁 Anyways, here’s another with Angie and Erin:

Angie, Iain and Erin

I then got bored with trying to smile for the camera! But, it was a good afternoon/evening. After wandering home gone 1.30a.m, I then didn’t appreciate Jeff waking me up at 9.30a.m asking if I wanted to go for a walk later 🙂 But, after lunch we headed out for a ‘little stroll across the tundra’:

Afternoon stroll

Yeah right. Only in Alaska could you have been going from thigh-deep snow to knee-deep water in a couple of steps whilst wearing a short-sleeve shirt… But, I did get to fire off a few clips with a .22 semi-automatic pistol:

.22 pistol

The ear plugs were mainly for this beast of a .44 Magnum, which although ridiculously good fun to shoot, scared the crap out of me with it’s recoil!

.44 Magnum

After making it back to dry land, it had filled in 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, so we rewarded ourselves with a beer. Nothing like shooting guns to build up a thirst. I’ll put up some of these photos on Flickr in higher resolution, and I love my new Canon EOS 50D! Some of the photos from the K300 party were awesome with having the full control of a DSLR, and I’m very excited for what else I can produce with it once I get used to all the features, especially next winter with all the sled dogs.


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