Ted got picked me up at stupid o’clock this morning to be at Yute Air for 7.30a.m to fly out to Atmautluak with their new Open Directory server for deployment. They actually had us on the plane and in the air right around 8.30a.m as planned which was novel. It really was a little puddle-jumper flight across the melting tundra:

Melting delta

A very short, sub-10 minute flight brought us in to the Atmautluak, a pretty small village west of Bethel:


There was quite a bit more snow down than around Bethel, was quite weird. At least the airline agent took the X-serve on a sled to the school whilst we took the 10 minute or so walk there, as I did not fancy carrying a 50lbs server box through the snow! There are signs of melting though, and these dogs are soon going to be swimming if they’re not moved to slightly higher ground:

Atmau puppies

After some minor networking issues, we brought their new server online without too many problems, got it replicating back to the district office in Bethel and then began migrating some of their staff. We managed to get a good half a dozen staff running against the new server which was most of their teaching staff and our goal. Even more surprisingly, Yute were seemingly on time to pick us up at 4.30p.m, so we grabbed a ride out to the airport. It’s a tough life sometimes working in Alaska – this was Ted + I in the back of a sled whilst Brent clung on to the snowmobile (the sled was a lot safer!):

Tough life

On the plane, a rather curious navigation device that managed to maintain it’s position throughout the flight back to Bethel:


But, at least we were back in Bethel by 5p.m, a good end to the day. Good ol’ Yute Air finally managed to redeem themselves though – a couple of boxes we were bringing back for the media center never made if off the plane (even though we were the only passengers on it, the pilot helped us load them on, and in fact, had to move one of the boxes to get our bags off in Bethel…) and instead went completely the opposite direction down to Eek and Quinhagak 😀 That’s our last Open Directory deployment for the school year though, we’ve now got four deployed outside the district office, and a good spread of users running off them. Will give us some valuable testing before rolling out more users across those sites after the summer and then deploying the technology to more sites across the district.


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