Settling in to new apartment

It’s been a long and tiring day, but I’m slowly getting sorted in my new apartment 🙂 Ted and Jeff rolled up around lunchtime, and Wendy and Jamie were also on call to help, except me being a bright spark had my phone switched to the new place and so couldn’t call them. Worked out okay though, with three guys were got a couple of truck loads hauled over and in to the new apartment in a little over an hour. My snowmobile also made the trip over here – I managed to hug some snow and water along the side of the roads and keep out the gravel, so that can sit until the fall time now. Am thinking I’ll throw it in the shop and gave them a grand to fix it up with whatever needs doing.

But, it’s been really exciting unpacking things in this new place, especially getting the kitchen sorted which is fantastic compared to my last place, and, of course, using a washer + dryer 😀 Have ran three loads through it already! I do like having so much space in the kitchen compared to the tiny benchtop area I had at my old place, and the the 2-storey idea just makes a lot more sense to me. I’d never lived in anywhere without an upstairs + downstairs until moving to Tunt and then Bethel, so was a little weird – at least the bedrooms are in the sensible place upstairs where they should be!

Angie, Erin and Sadie came over for an hour or two earlier which was fun and gave me a break from unpacking boxes, and they also brought treats, which helped. That kinda thing alone makes this place worth it as just the ability to have people over with the having so much space, and being within a hundred yards of the main people I hang around with is cool.

So, first night here in a new place could be fun, bound to be some weird new noises and stuff! Need to figure out something for curtains though in the bedroom, as it’s 11p.m and still fairly light outside even with it being overcast and raining. Having so much natural light is awesome though, will be great over the summer. Will try to get some photos sorted out when things are looking a little more sensible in here.


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