More travel delays

This morning brought more weather holds and AT&T called off the trip out here. I was quite relieved as had to get GCI cable sorted and head to the chiropractor over lunchtime, so hadn’t wanted to travel today anyway. At least our engineer working on our core networking made it out okay this afternoon and got straight to work, so I’m hoping things go smoothly over the weekend and by Monday/Tuesday our spiffy VMware environment will finally be ready to roll.

Anyways, I got cable TV canceled today, and internet is apparently switched over though curiously still works here. My phone has been disconnected so hoping it’s switched too. Is weird sitting in a bare apartment with everything in boxes and a laptop in the middle of the floor as my only source of entertainment and connection to anyone 🙂 Have rounded up a couple of troops for moving tomorrow, and hoping donating some beers tonight brings a few more!


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