Oscarville + Napaskiak

It’s weird how much nicer it’s been the past week walking to work with the sun shining as opposed to it being pitch black until 10a.m! This was the sunrise right outside my apartment this morning:

Bethel sunrise

One of the lakes I cross as a shortcut to work was too slushy and wet to try walking over, but at least the slough was frozen enough to cross otherwise it adds 10+ minutes to my walk. Somehow, a slushy lake I couldn’t walk across didn’t concern me considering I was meant to be driving down the river to Oscarville an hour later… But, we got there okay and spent a few hours binding most of their computers to the Open Directory and migrating some users, and then caught a little of culture week they had going on. This lady was teaching some kids to make mittens:

Making mittens

There was also a group learning to prepare fish, I’m guessing that the other groups that have been heading out jigging will bring back fish these guys will then end up preparing:

Cutting fish

After heading out of Oscarville, we swung by Napaskiak just across the river to set up some software ready for running some remote tests from Bethel tomorrow. I’m heading back down to Napaskiak on Thursday with AT&T troubleshooting some networking and VTC issues, but based on the river when we were coming back in to Bethel, we could end up flying down:


We we back in the office a little after 2p.m, but it ended up feeling like such a long day having hit two villages and having spent almost 4 hours just in Oscarville. Was a fairly productive day though, and we have a couple of engineers heading out on Friday to upgrade our core network infrastructure over the weekend which I’m very excited about as will allow us to start to fully utilize our virtual environment.


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