More roadtrips

Making the most of the river before it becomes, er, a river, am heading down to Oscarville again tomorrow to follow up from their Open Directory deployment a couple of weeks ago. The weather is warming up, haven’t worn snow pants in 3 days (weird how these things make you excited when you live up here…), so by the end of the week the river might be getting a little too slushy on top for safe driving. The latest prediction from National Weather Service isn’t for spring break-up until May 12th-19th, but that’s for the ice to actually break free and start moving, it could easily become unsafe to travel within a week. Which is fun since I also volunteered (?) to head to Napaskiak on Thursday with Tom and engineers from AT&T to troubleshoot 8-month long VTC ‘issues’. Somehow my planned trip to Atmautluak on Thursday to deploy an Open Directory for them gave the signal I was free for a Napaskiak trip instead… Would be flying to Atmau, so may as well put it off until next week and drive down to Naps whilst we can.

Is weird I hadn’t left the office in 7 months, and I’ll have done 4 village trips by the end of the week, a 5th in a month if we get out to Atmau next week 🙂 Not complaining, is good fun, and has taken an awful lot of work to get to the stage where I have some stability on the backbone systems to be able to step away and concentrate on the important areas, out in the villages where the kids are.

Over lunchtime, Greg gave me a ride to the post office to pick up my Walmart bush order which was cool. I have a toaster now. Most of the other stuff is for my new apartment, so am too lazy to unbox everything since I need to actually start packing the next few nights if I’m wanting to move on Saturday.


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