New toys for the summer

I’ve kept a fairly low profile this weekend, trying to have a pretty quiet couple of days to rest and get myself together. I helped out at the Saturday market on the K300 stall yesterday afternoon which was good fun, though quiet. I picked up a piece of art by John Oscar for my new apartment which I really like. I got a print a couple of months ago and have always admired his originals – he does 3D pieces a lot, this one has guinea hen (?) feathers coming out which works really well.

Whilst working the stall, Casie told me she’d set up a fan page for the K300 on Facebook, and when Myron Angstman came in to help pack stuff away he said there were a bunch of people in the group. I asked how he knew, and said he was a fan too. When Myron is on Facebook, I know I’m in the stone ages and avoided it long enough, and since a couple of people asked about it, figured I should sign up too! So, am now a sheep on Facebook.

By way of retail therapy, I decided since the FAA won’t let me fly and I had a bunch of money saved up on that front, I’d channel my energy into my other passion – photography. I’ve been researching various cameras and lenses for a few months anyways, so wasn’t exactly a wild spending spree, and am very excited about it. I’ve plummed for the Canon EOS 50D with 28-135mm lens plus a Tokina 12-24mm lens, along with a bunch of extras such as pair of 8Gb CF cards (266’s), assorted Hoya filters, Manfrotto tripod and ballhead, remote release switch, etc. I also picked up an extra 4Gb RAM, 750Gb hard drive and 22″ widescreen monitor on the computer side.

It’s a big investment, but since I’m not going anywhere this summer and whilst having a bunch of money in the bank is rewarding, is kinda boring too! Has actually been nice to have the money saved up to cover all the expenses of moving in to a new place and all this photography equipment. I’ve been pretty smart with money for months now which has allowed me to be able to head in to Anchorage for the Iditarod for example, and feel I may as well make the most of enjoying the salary I’m on whilst I can. I’ve gotten enough into photography over the last couple of years to the point where I feel like I can justify purchasing and using this kinda of gear rather than a number of people I regularly see that buy the latest and greatest equipment and then puzzle over using it effectively!

Hopefully the new toys will get here within a week or so and can start playing.


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