Nice end to the week

Over lunch I headed out to get utilities set up for my new apartment. Thankfully I’d been warned electric and water + sewer would require a fairly hefty deposit, and it turned out the electric company wanted $504 and City of Bethel for water + sewer wanted $284. Given the $2100 or so as 1st + last month’s rent, that’s almost $3000 without actually moving in yet…

After work Greg gave me a ride to pick up my boxes of alcohol flown in from Anchorage which helped pick up my spirits – 5 cases of beer and a box of whiskey and wine should keep me going through the weekend and adds a little colour to my fridge I guess:


Yes, that’s Newcastle Brown Ale on the left, I haven’t picked a victim for it yet. Jeff also started sampling one of the four bottles of scotch, so has been a good evening.

I’m helping out with the K300 stall at the Saturday market tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours, and hoping to relax a little over the weekend. Decided to put off moving until the end of the week or next weekend so I can rest a little and give time for everything to be connected up first. Very excited though having been through everything again this evening with Dean.


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