Today, Ted S, Brent and I packed up and headed for Kwethluk to deploy their new Open Directory server. First we brought up internal DNS and configured recursion back to the central DNS server in the district office, and then configured the new X-serve as an OD replica. It all went pretty smoothly, and then we spent the afternoon migrating quite a few members of staff from local user accounts to new mobile OD accounts which was slow, but effective.

Kwethluk is a smart village, and a good size school, and was nice to get out the office again and feeling like we were really accomplishing something. Getting a good number of users running off the new server was good too, and we’re planning on returning to Oscarville to bring some more of their users online as well.

Kwethluk school

Driving along the ice road to Kwethluk, a mile or so out of town we came across a rather interesting marker:

Nicori B&B

The rear of the sign read ‘April Fools’, so nice to know there’s a little good humor going on

Heading back to Bethel this afternoon, the ice road started getting busy with a number of cars on the road. Still felt a little weird being on the river doing 40-50mph in a truck!

Ice road

When we got back in to Bethel I saw Dean and arranged to meet up tomorrow evening to check over new apartment and get the keys for moving in. Will try to head to city board and utilities to get water + sewer and electricity set up tomorrow (along with paying the quite outrageous deposits…) and plan for telephone to be switched over and see if I can grab DSL with them too. Am wanting to ditch cable completely as new apartment has Dish Network for TV, and GCI is already expensive for internet service really, although good, and will have extra charges if I’m not taking cable TV and stuff with them. Nuts to that!


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