Weekend round-up from Anchorage

The last few days in Anchorage have been pretty good. On Saturday I met up with Tim to stay at his house in the Muldoon area. Was nice to have some company, know he enjoyed it too. We headed out to the ice hockey on the evening where the Aces won 2-0 to lead the first round of the playoffs 2-0 after winning on the Friday evening. The remaining games are down in Utah starting tomorrow. We got good seats behind the net where both the Aces goals were scored.

Aces hockey

I’d also been for a wander down by Point Worzanof on Saturday as the tide was out and got some good photos looking across the inlet. The ice is breaking up pretty much right round the area, leaving big chunks of ice stuck in the mud along the shore. This is looking across to downtown Anchorage with the Chugach mountains behind it:

Downtown Anchorage

On Sunday I took a walk around Connor’s Lake area. The lake itself was still pretty much frozen over, but gave so good views across to the Chugach range and Flat Top mountain:

From Connors Lake

Monday I met up with Damond for lunch which was really nice. I’d needed it after Friday. He’s always so encouraging and full of energy and enthusiasm. He’s hoping to get all the paperwork sorted to become a fishing in the Kenai area this summer, and took me back to his house to teach me the basics of casting with a fly rod and then making up flies. Would definately like to get out this summer fishing, and was a good few hours. I then skipped down to get an eye exam since on Friday it had highlighted a little weakening in my left eye. I’ve been struggling with eye strain a little recently, and was offered glasses even though it’s a pretty mild prescription on the lenses. Since the insurance will cover it all, I got a pair, and am surprised how much of a difference they make. I never really thought I had problems, and the exam didn’t point to really needing them, but they do sharpen things up quite a bit:


I knew years of constant computer use would catch up, am impressed I’ve gone so long without them, and hopefully these will help keep down on the strain so they don’t get too bad. To make up for it, I then went to Gold Rush and got 4 cases of beer shipped back to Bethel. Should last a week or so…

Am sat at the airport waiting to fly back to Bethel at the moment making the most of internet, was weird not having it really for 3 days at Tim’s. Did figure out mobile Gmail access via my cell phone which helped, but was late last night before I even thought of the idea. Nice to know for the future. Yes, I’m that sad and get withdrawl symptoms 😉 Seems like a clear afternoon, so flight should be on time and fairly smooth.


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