What is it with Friday’s lately…?

My flight in to Anchorage last night was uneventful. Wasn’t busy at all, so we weren’t crammed in to the ‘departure lounge’ such that Bethel has, and then was quiet on the plane with plenty of free seats so no-one next to me. Anti-social much 😉 ? I got a rental car no problem, not as expensive as I expected for a 5-day rental with all the extra fees + insurance. Puffin Inn is louder than I’d hoped for, though my room is right next to Spenard Rd., but for a little over $50 a night I can’t complain. Am meeting up with Tim tomorrow and staying with him the rest of my trip as he’s flying in this evening for a week and has a house in town. Hockey tomorrow night beckons us.

I got a bunch of shopping down at Walmart – thankfully their bush order department is back up + running so I could simply drop it off with them to get mailed back. Makes it easier than packing everything up in rubbermaid’s myself and paying $17 a piece with the postal service. I think I might get a bottle or case of beer or 6 now I can have it shipped back direct from Gold Rush too. Food shopping I’ll leave until Monday or Tuesday. I also got to enjoy the delights of Dairy Queen, something definately missing in Bethel, as well as picking up a pay as you go cell phone from AT&T. I’m sick of playing phone tag with friends trying to catch up when I’ve been in Anchorage the last few times, and as much as I hate them out in Bethel, is at least vaguely useful here.

Today brought the end of a dream though, at least for the foreseeable future. Actually, I ripped out a whole bunch of text here I spent ages writing. I think I needed to try and get it out, but don’t necessarily want to post it. Anyways, I couldn’t be issued a medical certificate for flying due to another medical appointment earlier today so the whole idea of staying in Bethel over the summer and learning to fly is out the window. Raises more questions as to the validity of staying in Bethel in general now unfortunately.

I still have options aside from learning to fly – have thought about aviation maintenance for quite some time (both UAA and UAF offer courses), and studying digital arts and design is ever growing in appeal with a view to doing more with my photography. I want to try and get the green card renewal all square before getting back to thinking *where* I want to be. I know I just have too many things I’m trying to juggle all at once, at least having some things taken away lessens the load. I keep this quote in my head a lot too.

This post jumped around a lot. I need some sleep and the knowledge I can go get 8 cases of beer shipped out to me tomorrow…


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