Extending Anchorage weekend

I got a bunch of mail today, partly as I hadn’t been to check my box in a few days 😉 I got some large format prints of a few photos, some of which I’m not happy with as the colours are just horrible (Snapfish may well be getting an e-mail expressing my displeasure for what they charged), along with a stack of medical insurance stuff from the chiropractic treatment. I think I’m fairly squared up on that as downed a good chunk of change last week whilst I was there. I just don’t understand the billing over here, is so different to back in England. Am dreading needing to get a prescription for anything as that becomes quite a paper-chase. I did tell Dr Chris today during my session that yesterday was the first time in months, if not longer, that I’ve got out of bed without some kind of lower back pain. Only lasted a few minutes until the little niggles came back, but is noticeably improving.

I also got three letters from the immigration services. One was a nice letter that was re-routed from Tunt telling me my green card was expiring and I better do something about, the second was a receipt of my renewal (so I guess negated the first letter…), and the third is an appointment for biometrics in Anchorage for next Tuesday. Need to see Ted at work tomorrow as I’m flying in this Thursday evening for some medical stuff on Friday anyway, so will try to extend with a couple of vacation days and come back Tuesday evening instead. At least gets everything out the way until I’m called in for an interview. Processing times based on their online service center is about 6 months. Timing on biometrics appointment could have been a lot worse though as $500 just to go in for fingerprints is silly – least it will only be a $75 change fee on flights, and just need to find someone to mooch a place to stay in the meantime.


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