Cama’i photos

After a week to recover, some photos from Cama’i 🙂 The Tundra Drums has some awesome photos as well by Beth Skabar. I have a couple of rolls of 35mm still to develop, one of which was from down by the stage, whereas all my digital photos of the dancers were from in the booth. But, this was setup on Thursday evening – Pat up setting up one of the 4 banks of lighting:

Pat light setup

By Friday afternoon, we pretty much had everything up and running. From left to right – house lights controller, main light bank controllers, programmable coloured light bank controller, video distribution switches, three MacBooks for stage backdrop data projectors, Yamaha audio mixing deck, 4-way video display for arena video cameras, and main stage video camera (think that’s all about right!):

Sound booth

On with the show. Chefornak Dancers from Friday evening:

Chefornak Dancers

Scammon Bay elder Mary Ann Sundown. Trying to be creative with this photo – we projected video of young kids, elders, interesting dance routines on the stage backdrop during the performances:

Mary Ann Sundown

A young dancer with the Yuraret Dancers group:

Yuraret girl

The Akiuk Grizzlies:

Akiuk Grizzlies

Who had an awesome little kid that stole the show everytime he was up there! This was his third encore on Saturday:

A close-up of the Emmonak drummers providing the music for their dancers:

Emmonak drummers

Beth creatively figured out a shot of ‘the crew’ – rather than something squeezed in to the sound + light booth, us on the delightful steps up + down to the booth (where all out equipment had be hauled to + from as well…). Pat, the ringleader; Tim, head chef; Marty, farm boy from South Dakota that took a wrong turn for the weekend; and me, problem causer + slacker:

The crew

And finally, to close off the festival on Sunday evening, Kaluiarmute Kinguliarit:

Kaluiarmute Kinguliarit

I’ll probably have a few more to go on Flickr, and hopefully get round to developing the 35mm films pretty soon too. Overall, Cama’i really was great fun, and Marty is seemingly all set for coming back up from South Dakota again for it next year! He’s either very brave or very foolish (probably a combination!).


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