“Er, I’ve never driven the road to Oscarville, but I’m pretty sure this is taking us off the river to Napaskiak, Ted”…

We got there in the end, and spent a frustrating number of hours rebuilding what should have their new Open Directory replica due to yet another IP conflict. 6+ hours later and no lunch, we finally finished, but only let us set up one teacher bound to the directory. Was nice to get out the office to a village though:

Oscarville school

Oscarville itself was about as expected, an awful lot smaller than Tunt. I think there’s only about 40 people or so live there. Didn’t make me miss living in the villages, though did make me wonder how different things may had been to only have been 10 minutes out of Bethel and with a couple of other villages less than that distance away too.


Coming back, less than 200 yards out of Oscarville Ted dumped us on a little snow drift 🙂 After shovelling a snow out the way of the wheels and with Ken and I pushing, the truck popped right out and off we went again. Thankfully we’re not heading to Kwethluk tomorrow based on Ted’s driving, though has at least given me plenty of ammunition for winding him up for a few days at least!


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