K300 Kids Race

Last night was the K300 Kids Race, a chance for 13-17 year olds to race a 7-dog team 10 miles up to the Hoffman fish camp for a 30 minute layover of hotdogs and beans before racing back to Bethel. 9 teams raced and everyone seemed to have fun. I rode up to camp with Bev Hoffman in their truck which was the more comfortable way to arrive! This was 2nd + 3rd place mushers coming in to camp:

In to camp

A little while later, Alison Dahl coming in to camp:

Alison Dahl to camp

The dogs seemed to enjoy a bit of a rest after running through the soft powder snow:

Snowy puppy

Although these two guys didn’t need quite as much of a dusting off:

Snowy puppy pair

The camp itself was pretty well set up, with Crowley providing the food + drinks. The family were cooking up hot dogs and beans, with juice on hand too. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bit of a break and hanging out.

Hoffman fish camp

Rested and warmed up, the mushers then turned round to head back to Bethel. This is Clarence Kalistook pulling out of the checkpoint:

Clarence Kalistook leaving camp

Back in Bethel, Williann Evan was the first musher back, winning by a little over 20 seconds:

Williann winning

There were a few close finishes, including Moses Nick and Shawn Larson in 5th + 6th:

Close finish

A very nice evening to be out playing on the river, this is Megan Stanton pulling in to Bethel:

Megan Stanton finish

Finally, a group shot of the all the kids that took part in the race:

Kids Race mushers

Hopefully there’ll be a Sunday fun run or two yet before spring break up, as I’ve really enjoyed the K300 races recently. I’m in Anchorage next weekend and maybe the weekend after, so might miss any that are put on, though have at least made the most of what races there has been. Other than the Spring 50 I couldn’t get to on time, have got to all the other races 🙂 Good times!


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