Fun at Cama’i

Yesterday was the first day of Cama’i, and although it was exhausting, was also great fun! There was a right mix of dance groups, including Japanese dancers and break dancers. It was fun seeing a mix of different native dancers, and with young kids and the elders on stage together, was nice to see. We’ve got a video feed set up to allow us to pump out the equivalent of a jumbotron behind the stage which is cool, and add in the sound and lighting and there’s plenty to keep Pat, Marty + I busy. We’re also pushing the video out around the school for people to see even if they’re not in the main hall.

I’ve been taking a bunch of photos and videos, but too tired to get them online now! I have to head back over in 10 minutes for round two – 12 noon to 12 midnight of performances should make it another long day!


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