Moving, and getting ready for Cama’i

Right after work at 5p.m I headed over to the high school to start setting up equipment for Cama’i, a three day festival of dance. The event starts tomorrow evening, so we had this evening and then through the day tomorrow to set up all the sound + lighting, plus three projectors across the hall and pump a video feed of everything around the building. It was around before I got home 🙁 But, I knew it would be, and I got free pizza. I’ll be helping to run anything and everything according to Pat, so expect time back on a sound and light deck, as well as the audio + video editing through one of three computer systems. Should be fun!

Earlier today I also met up with Dean from KYUK to look over a duplex he’s renting out, and will be moving in the middle of next month 🙂 My apartment here is just too far out the way of things and makes for either a lot of walking or a lot of short taxi rides at $5 a throw. This new place is within a couple of hundred yards of my main friends, and 10-15 minutes walk to work. The downstairs of the duplex alone is the size of my apartment, and upstairs has great views across to the mountains. I’m really excited. It’s a couple of hundred dollars more per month, but figured I may as well get somewhere that feels like a home to go home to, and I’ve met Dean a few times and he’s a real nice guy. Plus, it has a washer + dryer – no more hand washing in the bathtub 😀 I’ve had people offer to let me do laundry at their house, and walking so much isn’t exactly bad for me, but I’m hoping if I have somewhere more comfortable to live and be able to have people over me, it will help with my overall happiness out here. The little things all add up.

Anyways, since I want to get my state ID updated tomorrow before I head back to Anchorage in a couple of weeks and need be back at the high school by 11a.m, should head to bed and try to get some sleep!


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