K300 Sponsors Race

After missing the K300 Spring 50 race yesterday with snowmobile ‘issues’, I at least made it to the Sponsors Race this evening as it’s 5 minutes away from my apartment. Casie asked me to help line out one of the their teams so that was good fun as the dogs were all readied! I then jumped on the back of a snowmobile with Mike Parker to ride round as the guys raced, though left my camera in Casie’s truck which wasn’t part of the plan! Was good fun riding round for 40 minutes or so seeing the race develop. The first three runners were really close right through and taking it pretty seriously. Back at the finish line, this was one of the guys coming in:


This is Jen Schiedler, wife of Greg from work, bringing home the same Hoffman/McDonald team I raced month or so ago (who did surprising well considering she fell off three times, the first of which Mike + I were pretty worried about as we chased after the team and brought them to a halt):

Jen Schiedler

Unfortunately, someone lost an ear along the trail:

Missing ear

But I suppose if you put these two guys together, they have a pair of ears between them:

Another missing ear

Some of the front runner mushers had dodged away early, so only 4 of the 7 mushers were around for a group photo at the end:


All in all, a good evening, and I then headed out for dinner with Greg + Jen afterwards. In other news, I have running water again, which is nice, and I had another chiropractor appointment earlier. The muscular pains are a little worrying, and confusing, as the spine itself seems to have dropped right back in to place without problems. Hopefully things start improving soon.


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