Yesterday afternoon I ran out of water which isn’t much fun as it’s not going to be filled until tomorrow morning at the earliest 🙁 At least I’d got my laundry done and developed some film first. I then fought off back spasms earlier to try and ride my snowmobile across the tundra for a K300 Spring 50 race only to have the choke lever snap off as it’s frozen after two weeks of doing nothing. That engine is not going to start in -5F after sitting for so long without being babied a lot. Joys of living out in Alaska again! Had no cash and checkbook has been eaten by squirrels seemingly, so I then tried trudging across the tundra and through trees to make it to the startline, but half an hour later was still 15 minutes shy. My maintenance window at work isn’t for another half an hour so sitting in the office twiddling my thumbs until I get to vent by downing some servers 🙁 Not a good Sunday.


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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