Turnagain Arm drive photos

A few photos from my drive along Turnagain Arm last weekend whilst in Anchorage for the Iditarod weekend:

Turnagain Arm

The past two summers I’ve traveled along here quite a bit, but this was the first time I’ve seen it in the winter time which was cool. I then pulled off to head to Alyeska for the cable car ride:

Alyeska tram

If the ride up itself wasn’t worth it enough, the food at the restaurant and the views certainly were:

Cook Inlet

Back down the hill and further along the road, the wildlife center was fun with snow down. The reindeer certainly seemed impressive with their colouring and backdrop:


And the dominant male also was quite a sight (when he took a break from eating…):


Further round, I was really excited to see if the bears would be out, and they didn’t disappoint with a mother and her cub playing in the snow:

Playing bears

After a while, the mother would get bored and try to walk away only to be followed by the cub to start again! They looked pretty cool with a dusting of snow on them, and I got a bunch of photos over 15-20 minutes I hung around their enclosure:

Snowy bears

Back at the visitor center, one of the small enclosures had a young deer in there quite happily munching away on some straw:

Young deer

All in all, a fun way to spend a Sunday, certainly a little different to what I could get up to on a Sunday drive out here in Bethel. I ordered in some more developing powder over the weekend, so hopefully I can get the rolls of 35mm from the weekend developed soon and processed. Need to plan my next little getaway now…


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