Another Friday 13th…

Last week was busy. I broke 60 hours by the time I got home around 7p.m Sunday. We had an engineer out with our VMware deployment which didn’t exactly go to plan due to networking issues outside of our control which was a little frustrating, but totally expected to be honest. The handling and resolution of those issues within the department weren’t ideal though, which at the end of a long week, didn’t help improve matters 🙁 It took a lot of phone calls and soul searching to make it back in to the office this morning.

On the plus side, the VMware environment delivers everything it’s meant to – we tested power supply redundancy, NIC redundancy, controller redundancy and hard drive redundancy on all the servers and SAN units; set up APC PCNS software for a multi-master setup with dual UPS’; had replication between the two Equallogic PS5000E SAN’s working; got the core Cisco 3560G configured and running everything nicely; and tested HA and DRS functioned correctly and responded to failures as expected. We now have a 3-node ESX cluster of Dell R805’s running through Virtual Center on a EQL PS5000E, with another PS5000E as a replica and a single Dell 2970 as standalone ESX host for disaster recovery. Due to our networking issues, the replica EQL box and ESX host could not be put offsite as planned, so that will be phase two (by which point a second 2970 can be re-deployed giving us a pair of off-site servers in the event of a failure at the core). Having spent so long getting everything planned out and now up + running, it’s really quite sad to be crippled by a single 100Mb uplink for all LAN traffic to/from the virtual environment so can’t really use it for much (too complicated to explain the logic behind a $700 10/100 ProCurve at our backbone I wasn’t fully aware of…).

But, I finally made it to the chiropractor this afternoon, which was definately needed after last week 🙂 After a checkup, x-rays and review of past medical records, was hooked up to a TENS system to relax the muscles along hot pads before a bit of a massage, before actually getting on to the chiropractic adjustment. After that, I then lay down on a weird setup with a rolling base to decompress the spine. All in all, just a little different to treatment back in England! Have another couple of sessions this week, and figure I may as well make the most of it with the medical insurance covering so much of it.


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