A little Sunday drive…

This morning I got a fairly early start to round off a little bit of shopping, then headed down the Seward highway to Girdwood. This was the first time I’ve driven it in the winter time, and the area looks so much more impressive than the summer! Realised this weekend I’ve been coming in + out of Anchorage since Xmas 2005, yet am only now really exploring the restaurants and neat stuff to do in the area.

But, I took the cable car ride up Alyeska which was pretty cool, and there were plenty of skiers and snowboarders on the mountain. After checking the Roundtop museum, I then cashed in the cable car ticket for free lunch at the 7 Glaciers restuarant, a 4 diamond fine dining experience apparently. Probably the fanciest restaurant I’ve been to, so went with the Alaskan king crab, again, something I’ve never tried in all my time out here.

After the ride back down, I carried on driving along the road to the Alaska Wildlife Center and hung around long enough to see the bears come out to play 🙂 The mom and her cub were rolling around and playing in the snow and chasing each other whilst one of the other adults looked on. Got some great photos, and of deers, but will wait until I get back to Bethel to process them and put some online. Was a nice little trip, and a fun drive too.

I’m checked in at the airport and waiting to fly out around 6.30p.m or so. Hopefully my box of magic juice makes it back okay, will be some sad faces in Bethel if not! The earlier flights today have made it okay and the weather doesn’t seem to bad out there at the moment, so doesn’t look like there’ll be any delays.

This weekend has been great fun, and a couple of people have pointed out it’s worth taking a 3-day weekend to Anchorage every 6 weeks or so just to get a break and recharge. Hasn’t felt rushed, and have loved all the photographic opportunities. Am thinking next year I’ll come back in for the Iditarod again, but maybe catch the Fur Rondy weekend first, volunteer as a dog handler for the start out of Anchorage, and then watch the restart in Willow on Sunday by flying back to Bethel on Monday instead. Assuming I’m still out here, of course.


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