Late night arrival in Anchorage

Guess I got lucky with flights again, this evening’s jet was only the 2nd out of the last 11 scheduled flights between Anchorage and Bethel that has made it. Some people have been trying to fly for 2-3 days, and now stuck in Anchorage until Monday or Tuesday to make connecting flights. Weather has been messing everything up travel wise for weeks now.

Still, even though it was 2 hours late in to Anchorage, I’m here for the Iditarod + Fur Rondy weekend 🙂 Enterprise were closed so snagged a rental car with Budget instead. Doubled the cost taking out the extra insurance, but given my licence and lack of winter driving skills, probably smart…

I’m hoping to meet up with some friends tomorrow, and then arranged to meet Damond, who I stayed with last May when I came in to Anchorage, for dinner on Saturday evening. Not sure about heading to the Iditarod restart in Willow on Sunday afternoon, as is murphy’s law I go assuming the flight will be delayed and it leaves on time, or don’t go and show up at the airport on time only to sit waiting for 4 hours! Might head down to the wildlife center near Portage instead.


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