A little bit of shopping…

Prioritizing things, I was at Gold Rush Liquor waiting for them to open at 10a.m this morning 😀 In fairness, I wasn’t meaning to appear a desperate alcoholic – none of the stores around Dimond opened before 10 seemingly! Anyway, I stocked up on some orange juice and lemonades… I got a couple of books from Borders and figured out bush ordering for Jeff from Sportsman Warehouse, then downed a silly amount at Walmart. It was mainly stocking up on toiletries that are 1/3 – 1/4 of the price of Bethel, and a couple of pairs of work pants.

A couple of camera stores I’ve tried don’t stock developing powder or know of any that are likely to which sucks, as $10 worth of powder costs $30 to ship to Bethel 🙁 I spent a couple of hours this afternoon wandering 4th avenue, the Fur Rondy carnival, ice sculpture contest at Ship Creek, and generally picked the brains of people along the way including the ever-helpful tourist information center on the order of play for the Iditarod start in the morning.

Playing voicemail-tag with some friends at the moment, so might end up just hitting the Alaska Aces hockey game tonight. Need to be awake and down on 4th around 8a.m anyway!


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