Spluttering, canoeing, and feeling old…

On Sunday evening I rode my snowmobile for the first time over the weekend and the choke was nicely iced up. It closed okay, but then this evening didn’t seem too happy, coughing + spluttering, as was holding open 3-4mm and with the temps up around 15-20F. I managed to coax it home and Jeff helped checked it over. My own fault for not lubricating it properly (along with, er, anything else…) this winter. Need to convince the maintenance guys to let me roll into the garage one day me thinks. Too cold to work outside on it.

But, I then headed over to the wood workshop for an hour or so as Jeff worked on his canoe. He’s wanted to build one from scratch since he was a kid and figured now’s as good a time as any. I played supervisor, though did help sand the inside a little 😉 Starting to look good, and looking forward to the summer. There’s plenty of little waterways around here to explore, and he’s really keen to camp out as well. I didn’t get a chance last summer at all. Throw in a couple of fishing rods and bottles of beer (hmmm, not sure on the legality of that out here actually…) and should be fun.

I appeared in the Delta Discovery newspaper this past week as a photo and brief article on the K300 fun run from a couple of weeks ago was printed. My name wasn’t spelt right again. I guess I should just get used to it! And after a friend thought I was about the same age as him a week ago (early 40’s), at least today someone else pegged me as mid-30’s today 🙁 Definately a day for giving up and not caring!


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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