Finally processed batch 35mm films

Yesterday I took a good few hours to go through all the 35mm photos I’ve been developing and scanning. It’s more interesting than plugging in a digital camera and downloading them as requires more work and time to bring out the best in them, but worthwhile. I’ve uploaded 20+ to Flickr in this Olympus OM-1 set. I’m really pleased with how they came out. I’ve already posted a few of the 35mm photos over the last few weeks, but here’s some of my favourites from yesterday’s processing, starting with a very wet scene of the slough showing why the race was delayed a couple of days:

Sinking boat

A young K300 musher making his way out the chute at the start of the race:

K300 musher

And then a Bogus Creek 150 musher pulling his team off the startline:

Bogus Creek 150 musher

Before the start of the Akiak Dash, a couple of dogs poking their heads out their box wanting to be hooked up and get the race underway:

Waiting dogs

I’ve posted this photo before, but really like it – more Akiak Dash dogs waiting to go:

Dash dogs waiting

Those guys are probably somewhere in this shot of the en masse start of the Akiak Dash:

Akiak Dash

Finishing off the last few frames of one of the rolls of film just wandering around outside my apartment gave a couple of interesting photos such as this snowy boat:

Plus, an indication that maybe Bethel used to be a little nicer than it appears now – seemingly abandoned equipment from Gilberto’s Lawn Service:

Gilberto's Lawn Service

More of the 35mm photos from the OM-1 along with full-size versions of these ones can be found on Flickr.

Very excited for the Iditarod next weekend now, just not sure as to what to mainly use. The OM-1 gave mixed results, either down to my metering or developing skills, but as I could fully control the aperture it gave some very nice effects and overall a bit more atmosphere. My Fuji S1000fd gave good photos of the K300 weekend across the board, much sharper results, and bracketing options along with instant viewing for feedback.


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