The temperatures have been so up + down the last couple of weeks, and today we’ve been getting hit with freezing rain. It really is quite scary seeing cars sliding everywhere as all the rain/sleet/snow freezes as soon as it hits the ground and gives no grip. Riding a snowmobile is especially tricky! After pizza + a movie tonight, I figured it was easier to move along the slough than the road – big mistake. In only a few hours huge parts of it had 3-4 inches of standing water. Twisting along a narrow slough is tough at night in fresh snow, let alone sliding sideways on the ice whilst pushing a bow wave of water! Was convinced I was going to dump it.

Walking isn’t going to happen, we’d already dropped the idea of hitting Shogun’s for dinner earlier as 50mph winds mean rather than just sliding on the ice as your boots have no traction, you also then get blown along the ice (which is actually quite fun until you realize you can’t stop…). Not many taxis running either so hoping it’s a little better in the morning, or that my neighbor drives up to school 😉 Am *not* going on the slough again until it freezes…


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