Love being able to get around town properly

Today was probably the first day I’ve felt like having a decent work-life balance since starting out here. Riding to work in 5 minutes rather than walking 35-40 minutes helped, and then being able to actually come home for lunch for the first time in 5 months was cool – called in at the Polaris store to get a new ignition switch, ate lunch, hooked up a sled and rode back comfortably in time for 1p.m. Coming back after work in 5 minutes, and getting some shopping without then lugging it all home was much easier too!

I got the ignition switch connected rather than just the bungee cord system which meant anyone could technically start it, so a little happier now it needs a key. If someone wants to steal, they’ll still get it started, but it’s a bit of peace of mind. Need to see if the guys at the metal shop can solder up the leads properly tomorrow as -15F (-26C) made it a tad cold to do a good job as the iron just lost all it’s heat right away and the metal terminals were too cold. Hopefully they don’t shake themselves loose on the ride to work in the morning 😉 Will take my duck tape with me just in case…


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