Mobile again

After spending 20 minutes digging a sled out of a snow drift this morning, Jeff + I headed down to Tunt to pick up a bunch of boxes and see if my snowmobile would play nice. Miraculously, is started up pretty much right way, and after a bit of ISO Heet, ran like a champ. Did the full 50 miles or so back to Bethel without skipping a beat.


No, the dog sled isn’t for me, it’s for a colleague here in Bethel. Was tempting though 😉 Most of the boxes made it quite okay, I have a few papers drying out and some of the electronics are slowly warming back up too. Hopefully nothing is damaged. Jeff + I were both exhausted, was 8 hours door to door, but so glad I have friends like that willing to help out. Was pretty cool riding back with the sun setting behind us, knowing everything was safe + sound. Hard to even try to capture the scene in a photograph, as it’s so just so vast and desolate, it’s 360 degrees and impossible to do justice in a single image. Least I won’t have to leave the house at 7.20a.m so I can walk to work and be in the office by 8a.m anyway (well, at least until breakup!).


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