Month: February 2009

Friday fun

Suzi returned from the ASTE conference in Anchorage with free swag for those of us that have been stuck in the office all week: Ted started it, honest, but put his tongue back in right as the counter hit ‘0’,

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Bethel dog show

One of the highlights of the canine world in Bethel is the dog show. Try to detect the sarcasm. It was actually good fun as Sadie + Erin entered their dog, Suka, in a few of the events. A number

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The temperatures have been so up + down the last couple of weeks, and today we’ve been getting hit with freezing rain. It really is quite scary seeing cars sliding everywhere as all the rain/sleet/snow freezes as soon as it

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Finished my first dog sled race…

As I was getting ready down to head down to the river for the first of the K300 Sunday Fun Runs, Casie called to make sure I was planning to go as was going to try and get a team

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Friday 13th strikes

Although this morning started out with a nice tax refund being deposited in to my account, Friday 13th hit, and hit hard. Aside from the school district’s bank not handling direct deposits overnight and so ending up without being paid