Puppy love

After the Gold Rush website was down on Tuesday, I got Greg to remote desktop in to a machine in Oregon to print out an order form on Wednesday. Long story short, after Jeff + I finished the bottle of Edradour, we had some rather nice Alaskan IPA to move on to:


There’s another 6 of those boxes left at Jeff’s for tomorrow night (Erin’s birthday) and then the Superbowl on Sunday. Should be enough… By 11p.m, we decided to head to Tunt by 10a.m tomorrow. I think the timeframe is flexible 😉 At least, I hope it is.

Anyways, I also left my scanner running through some of the 35mm film and had to share one of a team of dogs before the Akiak Dash:

Puppy love

It’s taking a little editing to bring out the best in these 35mm frames, but I’m loving the effect I’m getting, and these guys were just super cute. Not sure how I’ll handle seeing Mia again tomorrow.


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