First developed + scanned 35mm photos

My Canoscan 8800F finally made it through the mail system yesterday 🙂 As I had quite a bit of studying to do last night for my VCP exam earlier today, I didn’t get much chance to play, and have then been out most of this evening with a guy in town from Phoenix Learning working on our student information system (PowerSchool) as he was wanting to bounce ideas for developing an iPhone app around.

So, without getting my hands dirty too much with regards to post-processing, here’s a few choice frames from the 35mm films I’ve developed over the last couple of weeks. First up, one of Audrey from Christmas Day back in England:


Not sure if this is a Kuskokwim 300 or Bogus Creek 150 musher pulling out the chute at the start of the race:

Dog mushing

And a dog team getting ready for the Bogus Creek 150, with one guy obviously having a lot to say for himself:

Howling dogs

I was quite impressed that a) I managed to develop film okay myself and b) once actually easily viewable were pretty decent. Not sure if it’s my photographic skills, the Olympus OM-1 having not been used in 10 years or cleaned in longer, or my developing skills (or lack thereof), but there was a distinct under-exposure and graininess on pretty much everything. Shooting ISO400 in black & white I would expect some grain, it could also be not reading that manual thing that came with the scanner 😉 Hopefully I’ll have some time at the weekend to really try things out, but there’s a birthday party on Saturday and then Superbowl party on Sunday, so that unfortunately means drinking may be involved…


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