Developing K300 weekend photos

As part of my ongoing attempt to avoid studying for my VCP exam on Wednesday (actually, I’ve covered 8 of the 11 modules and have a 2-hour revision session via telephone tomorrow), I finished off the last few frames of film and tried developing the two rolls of 35mm from the K300 last weekend. I was worried I’d lost the first roll as the rewind froze / numb fingers, and the rear popped open exposing the film. Turns out I only lost about 6-8 frames and most of the actual K300 photos are just fine. Most of those I’ve lost were of the fiddle dance, which is probably worse as I’ve lost my blackmail photos 😉 Ah well, live + learn (i.e. find an open pick-up truck and just sit in the drivers seat changing film like I ended up doing!).

Will try to find someone heading to the post office tomorrow that I can blag a ride with to pick up my Canon 8800F film scanner to actually get them on the computer. Pretty happy with how much easier it was developing the film this time, wasn’t as nervous, probably as I wasn’t expecting anything on one roll! Still, just shows the magic of film when you actually slide if off the developing reel and see the images sitting there 🙂 Not quite the same as plugging a USB cable in and downloading to a computer!

Last weekend I also booked flights in to Anchorage to see the start of the Iditarod which I’m really looking forward to! It’s something I’ve wanted to get to the last couple of years, and figure I have the time + money now so may as well. There’s a few other friends going to be around for it too, so should be fun. Just making it a long weekend, flying out of Bethel on the Thursday evening after work and coming back on Sunday, but will be a nice little Spring break.


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