We paid to get in, honest…

After being invited over for dinner, Erin + Angie wanted to go see Honey Barbara play at the Longhouse so Sadie + I tagged along. I was expecting to be over-dressed given I’d gone straight to their house after work, but it turned out Honey Barbara were playing at an inauguration party for Obama, so there were folk in full dress suits or tuxedos and evening dresses (not all at the same time…) 🙂 Turns out I played it quite right with the dress code, though it totally felt like we were gatecrashing a private party! We all sat at a table and kept ourselves to ourselves for an hour or so until the band finished playing and then sneaked out like naughty little kids! A fun evening though.

I got a few more photos of the K300 weekend up on Flickr, so ended up with like two dozen decent shots. I also have a CanoScan 8800F film scanner on it’s way here to allow me to scan in 35mm and 120 film so can see how some of those turned out too.


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