K300 race weekend photos

A busy couple of days. The K300, Bogus Creek 150 and Akiak Dash all got started yesterday afternoon without problems, with the Akiak Dash finishing by around 8.30p.m and the Bogus Creek winners starting to come back at 8.30a.m this morning. The K300 leaders will arrive in the next few hours.

I struggled with cameras, but got a few good photos. DeeDee Jonrowe starting out the K300:

DeeDee Jonroew

Martin Buser coming out the startline (currently leading coming out of Tuluksak at the moment):

Martin Buser

The guy that’s won the K300 more than anyone else, Jeff King:

Jeff King

On to the Bogus Creek 150, a young musher leading the way:

Young BC musher

Casie Stockdale on the mushing her team out the chute, with Marvin Evan on the left:

Casie and Marvin

By the finish, Casie would come home 8th and Marvin 4th. Next, Sam Jackson already needing a cigarette break on his way to a 9th place finish:

Sam Jackson

A couple of dogs patiently waiting on the startline for the Akiak Dash:

Dash dogs

Then the en masse start of the Akiak Dash as all mushers pull away at the same time:

Akiak Dash start

More photos and full-sized images in this Flickr set.


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