Crazy K300-weekend weather

I wandered up to the race HQ for the K300 to see how things were going and took in a couple of photos along the river along the way. The slough has a lot of standing water on it, so much so you can see one of the boats almost submerged as the bottom of it is still frozen in the ice:

Waterlogged slough

Further on, the lonely + still empty startline with the sun rising behind it:

K300 empty startline

The races are currently scheduled to start at noon tomorrow now. At least the wind + rain have stopped and the temperature has dropped back to 10F so things will start to freeze again. Still just leaves glare ice everywhere, even I struggled to find my sea legs and slipped twice on the way to the store. The K300 itself will be shortened, removing the Pike Lake loop, and hopefully all mushers can get underway tomorrow.


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