Bethel safe + sound

Made it back to Bethel okay, though was not a good flight if you didn’t like flying. Was a little windy. Dan Walker was flying back from Anchorage too and gave me a ride back home which was great as there were very few taxis moving around. The weather here is just terrible, school has been canceled for a couple of days, and it’s just solid ice down on the roads and sidewalks. It’s so windy I was being blown across the ice outside my apartment, and I was probably 300lbs with all two great big bags in tow! All the apartment is creaking and groaning, and the door on the cargo container outside my bedroom keeps being pulled open and then crashed closed, so that’s not much fun.

The K300 races have been postponed, there’s a meeting in the morning to discuss options, but there’s not a lot that can be done. It’s simply too dangerous to run at the moment. Depending on the weather they might set out on Sunday, so will just have to see what the weather brings tomorrow.


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