VMWare course completed

VMWare training ended really well. Was nice the last day or two set up VMotion / DRS and try out HA, as with our single-ESX host test environment that just hasn’t been possible. I also found there’s a Vue testing center in Bethel, so I hope to sit the VCP (VMWare Certified Professional) exam shortly too.

I’m now hanging out at the Anchorage airport waiting for my flight back to Bethel. The flights have been crazy the last few days with the weather with a bunch of them canceled, so hope I’m good to go. There’s a fantastic sunset building here with the breaking cloud cover, but Bethel is still pretty crappy.

The K300 races have been delayed until tomorrow due to the weather. With the wet conditions and soft snow, hopefully it will cool down and start to freeze up again by tomorrow. Will mean I have the Akiak Dash at 2p.m, K300 at 3p.m and then the Bogus Creek 150 at 4p.m to photograph 🙂 Hopefully it’s not raining given switching between camera gear! Happy in a way I get to see the start, but with the bad weather, it won’t be much fun for the dogs or the mushers, and it means I’ll likely miss the K300 winners coming in as it won’t be until Monday afternoon probably. Will see how things pan out though. Need to back it back to Bethel first.


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