Good training and Alaska Aces game

My VMWare training course the last couple of days has been going really well. It’s nowhere near as technical as I thought, in a good way, and I’ve picked up a lot so far on the storage options and integrations given I’ve done nothing with iSCSI SAN’s before. The next couple of days have some good labs in them too, so can build up a nice playground before I try it back in the office!

Tonight I headed to the Alaska Aces hockey game which was really cool. They won in a shootout, so I really got my money’s worth. This may well have been the winning Aces goal as I think Victoria’s 5th then missed after this one:

Alaska Aces shoot-out win

I was in the 2nd row, and I much prefer being right down by the ice than a little further back where you’d maybe get a better view of the whole rink 😉 Great fun when players get bodychecked into the screen right in front of you or the puck slams into it!

Another couple of days of training then back to Bethel on Friday evening. Got all my shopping sorted as I’m being taken out for dinner with the guys from GCS that are hosting the training and provide our VMWare equipment and engineering support, plus I need to finalise a few loose ends on the K300 website tomorrow evening since the races then start on the Friday!


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