Back at work and developing film

So I never made it to work on Tuesday, I was a little ill on Monday night and took a couple of days off on doctor’s orders. Didn’t complain. Feeling a lot better now, was either something I ate or a bug I picked up with all the traveling, so hopefully am all clear now. Was back in work today and found I’d been kicked out my little cubicle. Not too bad, got a big wide open area in the opposite corner away from most of the noise + distractions, and bonus points for having my new and very comfy chair put up by the new guy whilst I connected my equipment up again.

I got a bunch of bits + pieces from B&H Photo Video through the mail the last few days so tried developing one of the rolls of 35mm film from back in England. I’d had problems towards the end of the Newcastle quayside shoot and into Stanborough Park with the self-timer, so knew I had weird double exposures and wrong advances, but other than the last half-dozen frames, all the others came out really well. Quite impressed 🙂 Need to figure out a way to get them on a slide projector or scanned on to a computer to really tell. Merrie also passed on a bunch of photography books that she had salvaged from various Bethel schools as they were clearing things out and the media center was then shuffling out of service, so have a little bit of reading material to keep me entertained now too.

Anyways, Friday tomorrow. Could get used to these 2 day weeks.


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