Home in Bethel

So if being at TGI Friday’s having dinner until like 12.30a.m last night was weird, it was matched only by having breakfast in a downtown cafe by 8a.m as neither Angie or could sleep. I was convinced after such a long day to Anchorage yesterday I would have crashed, so figuring that’s tonight’s job. Hope I don’t end up all out of whack like my first few days back in England – I’d never had jet lag as bad as that, but at least I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Bethel’s pretty damn cold, I actually got locked *in* my house after coming back from Swanson’s as the lock froze. Never had to break out of a house before. Always something new about living here. Least I’m stocked up with food now – I’d eaten or cleared out most stuff before I went so had nothing to eat or drink. Think I’m just going to make something now, watch TV, and see how long I last before falling asleep.

Oh, and the good news is the whiskey made it back safe + sound 😉 Had no problems bringing it through customs in Seattle or out to Bethel, so maybe a night-cap will help me sleep…


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