Last night

Well, last night of vacation here in England 🙁 Pretty much all packed and should be easily underweight, just hoping I can get checked through to Anchorage and avoid Continental charging me for a second piece of luggage out of Seattle. Really don’t want to go back though, and not just because of it being the end of a vacation, but don’t really have a choice right now. Will see what happens in the next 6 months or so.

I fly out of Teesside around 6a.m tomorrow, and will get into Anchorage around 9.20p.m in the evening Alaska time. Doesn’t sound bad until you factor in the 9 hour time change and it’s actually 24 hours of traveling, assuming no delays. I’m meeting up with Angie in Anchorage though as we both figured 15 hours overnight in an airport is a little too much, so a rental car + hotel gives a little freedom and rest. All being well, will actually get back home in Bethel sometime around 2-3p.m on the Sunday afternoon. Is about -20F (-29C) with windchill to -34F (-37C) there today, so throw in an empty apartment and it’s not exactly appealing.


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