Durham night-time photos

After champagne for mam’s birthday earlier and having nana over for a buffet dinner, dad + I headed into Durham to get some photographs of the city all lit up at night. I’m guessing everyone was still recovering from a hangover last night as we were probably the only people wandering around! The view looking onto the Cathedral and castle with Elvet Bridge in the foreground was very impressive on a pretty calm evening:

Elvet Bridge at night

From Prebends Bridge, the Cathedral still took on a dominating view looking over the River Wear and Old Fulling Mill:

From Prebends Bridge at night

Down by Milburngate, looking up from the river to the castle and Cathedral with Framwellgate Bridge and the wier in the foreground (working well with a slow shutter speed):

To Framwellgate Bridge at night

Since Warton Park closes at dusk, it kinda buggered the idea of climbing high above the city to get the best view of the Cathedral and castle, but around the railway station offered a good view apart from the chimney stacks of the new-ish houses right below you 🙁 Cropping it to a slightly panoramic view works okay though and at least gives some impression of the majesty of it all (this works well at full size, will put it on Flickr soon):

Cathedral and castle at night

I’ve really enjoyed photographing the area, first with Michael last week and then with dad tonight, partly as I grew up here and didn’t realise how much I missed it, and also as I know there’s just nothing comparable within hundreds, if not thousands of miles of Bethel. I’m desperately not wanting to go back on Saturday for a multitude of reasons.


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